Influence of B 2 O 3 on Crystallization Behavior and Microstructure of Mica Glass-Ceramics in the System BaO ·4 MgO · Al 2 O 3·6 SiO 2·2 MgF 2


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The effect of varying B 2 O 3 content on the crystallization and microstructure behavior of barium-containing glasses based on the system BaO ·4 MgO · Al 2 O 3·6 SiO 2·2 MgF 2 was investigated by differential thermal analysis (DTA), X-ray diffraction, and scanning electron microscopy. Heat treatment of glass specimens in the form of fine powders in the range of 884°C–901°C led to the formation of barium fluorophlogopite. DTA study revealed that the glass transition temperature (T g) and crystallization peak temperature (T p) decreased by increasing B 2 O 3 content. It was also found that the higher the B 2 O 3 content, the higher the aspect ratio of fluorophlogopite crystal.