A Statewide Program to Teach Nurses the Use of Fetal Monitors



    1. Mary Haire is a graduate of Berea College, Berea, Kentucky. Experience since graduation includes medical-coronary, emergency room, labor and delivery, postpartum, gynecological, and neonatal nursing. She has developed and taught, with another nurse, a 12-week refresher course for RN's and participated in “What's New in Obstetrics” seminars at Vanderbilt University. A member of NAACOG and the Southern Perinatal Association, she is currently employed by Vanderbilt University as a std nurse in Ob/Gyn, teaching high-risk obstetrics in a developing regionalization program, and has sewed as fetal monitor coordinator in the department.
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    1. Frank H. Boehm graduated from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, and received his MD from the Vanderbilt University Medical School. His Ob/Gyn residency was completed at Yale-New Haven Hospital, New Haven, Connecticut. He is now Associate Professor and Director of the Fetal Intensive Care Unit at Vanderbilt University Hospital. His major interests are high-risk obstetrics, fetal monitoring, and regionalization of perinatal health care.
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The regionalization concept in perinatal medicine has opened many new areas of information and practice for obstetrical nurses. One of these areas is in electronic fetal monitoring. Since the technique is relatively new to most nurses, the need for in-hospital training is tremendous. This article describes the first steps taken in establishing such an educational program, the expansion of that program to statewide coverage, and the incorporation and expansion of such a program to meet the needs of the area in the regionalization of perinatal health care.