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Evaluation of the Supportive Needs of Adolescents during Childbirth Intrapartum Nursing Intervention on Adolescents’ Childbirth Satisfaction and Breastfeeding Rates


  • The authors report no conflict of interest or relevant financial relationships.



To evaluate the effect of the Supportive Needs of Adolescents during Childbirth (SNAC) intrapartum nursing intervention on adolescents’ childbirth satisfaction and breastfeeding rates.


Separate sample posttest quasi-experimental.


A tertiary hospital intrapartum unit.


A convenience sample of 106 parturient adolescents.


During Phase 1 the control group received current standard of intrapartum care. During Phase 2, the interventionist nurses provided the SNAC intervention and standard of care to the intervention group.


The t test indicated higher childbirth satisfaction in the intervention group. Chi-square analysis indicated that the intervention group was more likely to breastfeed within the first hour after birth. There was no significant relationship between childbirth satisfaction and breastfeeding at three months and no differences between the groups in breastfeeding rates at hospital discharge and three months.


These results suggest that learning the SNAC intervention may help nurses positively influence adolescents’ childbirth experience and timing of breastfeeding initiation. Replication of the study is needed to further explore whether the intervention can significantly influence breastfeeding duration.