• building working relationships;
  • unhealthy work environment;
  • improve communication

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Purpose for the Program

Working in a stressful environment can decrease staff satisfaction and also decrease patient safety and satisfaction. The purpose of this program was to improve staff communication between units. The Joint Commission has determined that a breakdown in communication is one of the leading causes of error. A Women's Health Joint Dynamics committee was formed among the women's health units. It was implemented with the intention of improving unit relationships with communication and collaboration due to unhealthy relationships between the women's health units. The units seemed to be suffering from an old history of not being able to get along. The team identified communication as the main factor in their dissatisfaction and therefore is working on ways to improve communication between team members. The goal of the Women's Health Joint Dynamics committee is to identify and solve professional practice issues by incorporating the use of evidence-based practice to improve unit relationships and communication, facilitate the development of agreeable working relationships, and increase patient safety and satisfaction.

Proposed Change

To collaborate on a regular basis to address the dynamics of unhealthy relationships between units and work together to improve relationships. The committee will work together on projects, considering input from staff, to increase awareness and opportunities for process improvement ideas. This process involves staff in making improvements that will directly benefit them.

Implementation, Outcomes, and Evaluation

Presently, the committee meets once per month to discuss where there may be a professional issue and how to solve it using evidence-based practice. The first project the group implemented was a bedside report between each other on individual units and also between units when transporting patients to other women's health units. The implementation had a rocky start, but with communication and education it rolled out with positive outcomes. All of the patients were called at home for follow-up and asked about the bedside report. All but a few of the follow-up comments were positive. The staff also was asked about bedside report, and the majority felt that it helped increase communication and relationships.

Implications for Nursing Practice

This collaboration has shown to improve collegial relationships and empower nurses to make decisions that affect their satisfaction in the workplace. With improved staff relationships patient safety and satisfaction will continue to become stronger.