• breastfeeding;
  • certified lactation counselor (CLC)

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Purpose for the Program

To demonstrate how a small rural hospital implemented the goal to obtain an all registered nurse certified lactation counselor staff to improve breastfeeding success rates.

Proposed Change

To require all maternal and child health registered nurses to receive certified lactation counselor training within 1 year of hire. After the implementation, the breastfeeding rate and customer satisfaction rate will improve and be maintained and the best practice standards will be embraced by all health care personnel.

Implementation, Outcomes, and Evaluation

The outcomes are the following:

2008 baseline = 18 full-time staff with three registered nurse certified lactation counselors. Hired one registered nurse who was an international board certified lactation consultant (22%). 2008 to 2009: The unit goal was to send at least 1 to 2 registered nurses to certified lactation counselor training every year until 100% are certified. New hires would obtain certified lactation counselor training within one year of hire.

In 2010, the following events occurred:

  • Thirteen (13) staff registered nurses out of 18 certified lactation counselors (72%).
  • Formed a professional breastfeeding council team and developed an evidenced-based standard breastfeeding policy. The policy was accepted by the Maternal Child Service Committee in 2009.
  • Reached the 2010 Healthy America Goal of a 75% breastfeeding initiation rate. Franklin Memorial Hospital was rated sixth in the State of Maine out of 33 hospitals that deliver infants with a 75% breastfeeding initiation rate.
  • The 2010 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Survey Maternity Practices and Infant Nutrition and Care Quality Practice Score was 94% as compared with 91% for the United States, 72% for Maine, and 94% for facilities of similar size.

In 2011, we achieved our unit goal by having 100% of staff registered nurses obtain certified lactation counselor status.

Implications for Nursing Practice

Advanced knowledge and practice in breastfeeding education will increase breastfeeding rates and improve customer satisfaction.