Addressing Healthcare Concerns during Construction and Renovation


Poster Presentation

Purpose for the Program

The purpose of this presentation is to address the challenges of providing safe, efficient patient care during construction and remodeling of a maternal–child unit. Frequently identified challenges include lack of communication of day-to-day construction plans from facilities management and construction crews to the bedside nurse; lack of timely notification of inaccessible patient care areas and alternate routes; patient dissatisfaction associated with construction noise; and potential displacement of patients because of limited bed space outside construction areas. Additional factors that must be considered include accommodations in temporary patient care areas, including emergency response equipment, access to appropriate documentation processes, infection control, and safety and security of the mother, infant, visitors, and staff.

Proposed Change

To improve the process of patient care delivery during construction, we share lessons learned in one facility that went through major construction in the maternal–child care area.

Implementation, Outcomes, and Evaluation

Improved nursing efficiency and safe patient handling during construction projects.

Implications for Nursing Practice

By preparing nurses to consider these challenges, we hope that many facilities will be prepared and able to provide safe, efficient quality patient care with minimal disruption during the construction process.