Chain of Resolution: A Bold New Way to Go


Poster Presentation

Purpose for the Program

To enhance the utilization of chain of command principles in resolving everyday issues.

Proposed Change

At Baylor All Saints Medical Center, we reinvented the terminology for chain of command to be more appropriate and updated. Our new term, “chain of resolution,” more effectively describes what staff members and leaders are doing when activating a process to quickly resolve issues and concerns regarding patient care and safety, environmental needs, equipment issues, as well as a myriad of other possibilities.

Implementation, Outcomes, and Evaluation

Leaders and frontline staff came together to rewrite policy, develop clinical vignettes for scenario-based teaching, and roll out education to all employees of Baylor All Saints. Managers, directors, and vice presidents were trained on the vignette teaching vehicle.

Implications for Nursing Practice

Staff and leaders have a better understanding of and willingness to use the chain of resolution process. The chain of resolution process is easily utilized by varying sizes of hospitals and other health care settings, such as surgery centers, and is an excellent fit for any geographic location.