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Purpose for the Program

This bedside nurse will share her journey of conducting research as a member of a nursing research fellowship. The fellowship was developed at this nurse's nonteaching private hospital to promote knowledge of the research process for the bedside nurse.

Proposed Change

Creating a research fellowship program gives the bedside nurse the education and support to pursue primary research and the skill to mentor others in future research endeavors. The goal is to make research familiar and second nature for bedside clinicians within the culture of the hospital setting.

Implementation, Outcomes, and Evaluation

The 18-month fellowship allows time to infuse didactic training as the cohort works through the research process and methods. A doctorally prepared nurse leads the cohort through the process from design to reporting of outcomes. The cohort is guided through literature review, writing the research question, obtaining Institutional Review Board approval, conducting research, collecting data, and analyzing and reporting of results.

Implications for Nursing Practice

This presenter will illustrate the joys, disappointments, and lessons learned for those interested in starting a similar program based on her experience in the first cohort of her hospital's research fellowship program.