• simulation;
  • psychological safety;
  • obstetric emergencies;
  • competencies;
  • teamwork

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Purpose for the Program

To provide opportunities to safely practice specialized care and behaviors for infrequent but potentially catastrophic obstetric problems requiring emergency attention. By using simulated scenarios as part of our annual competencies our goal was to provoke each learner to demonstrate nursing assessment, medical knowledge, technical skill, and teamwork behavior.

Proposed Change

To challenge our nursing staff and allow them to make mistakes in an environment that is safe and supportive with no real harm to patients. Discover performance and knowledge gaps, focus education, and increase confidence in managing emergent situations.

Implementation, Outcomes, and Evaluation

The first two groups of nurses completed the competency day and simulations in September of 2011. The nurses were actively engaged in their learning and were willing participants in the scenarios. Staff were asked to complete an evaluation after the program and these will be reviewed after each competency date as well as after all staff have completed the simulations. The leaders will meet after each date to review and debrief regarding what went well and what can be improved. The multidisciplinary participation was invaluable. The goal is to further explore ways in which we can have these simulations be truly multidisciplinary, with each discipline meeting their learning objectives.

Implications for Nursing Practice

This is a safer way for staff to practice their assessment and technical skills and teamwork behaviors. We hope that by practicing in this safe environment, our care will be safer for the patient, and the staff will feel more competent and confident in their skills. We also identified gaps in knowledge regarding some systems that the leadership team will address in the coming months (e.g., how to get certain infrequently used items from the main operating room).