• simulation;
  • electronic;
  • team;
  • multidisciplinary;
  • education;
  • training

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Purpose for the Program

Discuss the effective use of simulation in the clinical setting for the obstetric population.

Proposed Change

Utilization of multidisciplinary simulation in the clinical setting.

Implementation, Outcomes, and Evaluation

We will briefly discuss barriers to simulating in the acute setting and focus on eliminating those barriers. Barriers include scheduling simulation, getting staff buy-in, and ensuring multidisciplinary involvement. Every effective education implementation should be accompanied by a tracking system, and we will review the use of an online learning management system to track staff participation. Additionally, we will examine how simulation can be used to provide measurement for quality improvement and to evaluate effectiveness of hospital specific protocols with a case study review of a massive hemorrhage protocol implementation that was supplemented by data collected during simulation.

Implications for Nursing Practice

Improved practice of the bedside clinician, improved teamwork, and improved quality outcomes.