• professional development model;
  • nursing practice model;
  • individual development plan

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Purpose for the Program

To describe the development and utilization of the professional development model at Grant Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio. Professional development for nurses can sometimes be puzzling. Although professional practice is more clearly defined, individuals can become overwhelmed with their own continued professional development. In our organization, the nursing professional practice model was developed by staff nurse members of our hospital-wide nursing congress. These nurses collaborated to determine the key concepts essential to nursing practice.

Proposed Change

To provide a tool to assist managers and nursing staff with their ongoing professional development.

Implementation, Outcomes, and Evaluation

The tool has been developed and the benefits and results of the process, which are ongoing through Spring 2012, will be shared. The result is a creative representation of a downtown cityscape with the core elements of our nursing practice. A framed copy of the artistic schematic on every unit guides staff nurses to articulate the concepts. They have adopted the model into their everyday practices. Although our professional practice model serves to guide nursing practice, it recently became obvious that a supplement to represent the development of an individual professional nurse also would be valuable. Again, we turned to the nursing congress. The model they developed is a creative, complex, and organized graphic tool that describes the concepts and extraordinary options available for professional development within our organization. The key concepts of the model include self-development, membership/leadership, role choices, recognition, and academic development. Our model serves as a vibrant visual tool that provides a framework to explore resource choices. Nurse leaders work with staff to coach and mentor their custom individual development plan.

Implications for Nursing Practice

A Magnet hospital rich in resources benefited from a concise, graphic tool to assist with coaching and mentoring of every staff member. Using the model as a reference, managers can guide nurses in choosing puzzle pieces from the comprehensive list to create an individual pathway, making professional development less of an enigma.