Implementing an Obstetric Navigator Program


Poster Presentation

Purpose for the Program

Describe the development of the role of obstetric navigator at a community hospital.

Proposed Change

Current issues in labor and delivery were affecting the patient, staff, and physician experience. We created the role of obstetric nurse navigator to improve coordination of care for the obstetric patients before, during, and after birth. The goal was to improve physician satisfaction and improve Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers scores.

Implementation, Outcomes, and Evaluation

Implementation includes position approval, choosing the right person as the nurse navigator, and developing tools to measure outcomes. After 1 year, the navigator has improved staff, patient, and physician satisfaction.

Implications for Nursing Practice

The role of nurse navigator can be developed for any size hospital in most settings. Navigators have been shown to help patients through the maze of decisions and improve satisfaction. The role of the navigator in the obstetric setting is relatively new but has numerous benefits.