Community and Academic Partnerships to Increase Breastfeeding Initiation, Duration, and Exclusivity among African-American Women


Poster Presentation

Purpose for the Program

Identify and encourage nurses from multiple inpatient and community settings to encourage and support African American (and all other) breastfeeding women.

Proposed Change

Identify institutional and community-based interventions in concert with community partners that have been demonstrated to be successful with multiple ethnic/racial populations in a culturally sensitive manner.

Implementation, Outcomes, and Evaluation

Describe the many processes and relationships engaged to implement this program. The numbers of women participating have continued to increase, and many African American women have been eager to share their stories and experiences with other pregnant women to support them in their breastfeeding intentions. Explore strategies to increase the outreach of the program.

Implications for Nursing Practice

There are multiple ways through inpatient and community settings that nurses can provide education and support African American women and their families.