Placenta Percreta: Enhancing the Family Experience


Poster Presentation


A gravida 4, para 3 patient with known precreta and placenta previa came to Rockford Memorial Hospital during her fourth pregnancy. She was married, 39 years old, and a practicing Catholic. She had issues with spotting during her pregnancy and had ultrasound examination to confirm previa. She received confirmation of percreta at Rockford Memorial Hospital. The patient took sertraline and prenatal vitamins daily, did not drink or smoke, had mild asthma an used an albuterol inhaler occasionally. She denied any other medicine or drugs ingestion and had three previous cesareans.


The patient was admitted prior to her cesarean/hysterectomy to the high-risk perinatal unit. She then had the opportunity to talk with representatives from nursing, neonatology, perinatology, and anesthesiology, and we answered her and her husband's questions. She was instructed to make a living will, which she had done before admission. She was nervous but also excited to see her infant.


The cesarean/hysterectomy was performed in a very deliberate order. Various lines were placed and the procedure was done under spinal anesthesia. Her husband was at her side during the cesarean section, and he and the patient were able to see the infant after birth. The patient then was put under general anesthesia for the remainder of the surgery. She had bladder involvement, so the proper surgeons where there for that part of the surgery. After recovery from surgery, she was discharged and resumed her life.