• assessment;
  • teamwork;
  • communication;
  • coordination;
  • aseptic technique

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As nurses, often we are faced with many amazing challenges that cause us to be stronger or allow us to grow. In my presentation I will discuss the importance of teamwork and collaboration between obstetric nurses and intensive care unit nurses and physicians. Through this collaboration and effective communication we were able to transform the intensive care unit into a working operating room.


A 29-year-old female at 30 weeks gestation was transferred to our hospital in critical condition. She presented with acute respiratory distress syndrome and was hypotensive. She arrived intubated and in an induced coma. Prior to arriving in intensive care unit, I was given a report by my coordinator and asked to run a fetal strip and assess the current situation. When I arrived the patient was in atrial fibrillation. I then contacted my coordinator and discussed the critical nature of the patient's condition. My coordinator called perinatology to the intensive care unit room, and within the hour a decision was made to perform an emergent cesarean in the intensive care unit. At this point we were supporting the patient's blood pressure and oxygenation.

The staff and I had to act with haste. I called my coordinator, gave her a report, and told her I needed another staff member. I then observed and assessed the size of the intensive care unit and its cleanliness, and I began to clean and wipe the main counter top attempting to maintain aseptic technique. Both the primary intensive care unit nurse and I started cleaning the overall environment. Another nurse and an obstetric technician arrived to assist with the transfer of items in the operating room to the intensive care unit.


After an anesthesiologist arrived, coordination between me and the intensive care unit nurses and staff was vital. We accumulated supplies from the women's operating room and intensive care unit. We discussed needs for maintaining sterile technique and went over the cesarean procedure in our minds. Representatives from the neonatal intensive care unit arrived, and we located an appropriate room to resuscitate the infant at birth. Through effective communication and collaboration we performed a successful cesarean.