In reply


  • Siu Fai Li MD,

  • Ethan Cowan MD

We welcome the comments made by Dr. Baumann regarding our article “Gender Trends in Emergency Medicine Publications.”1 We agree with the points made regarding senior authorship and women emergency physicians (EPs), but Dr. Baumann’s objections are based on assertions that were not made by our article. We agree that the last author does not necessarily imply seniority, regardless of the degree of the last author, and this was noted in our discussion. In our article, we used the term last author as opposed to senior author to emphasize this distinction. Similarly, we stated that women authorship in emergency medicine (EM) publications has increased and not that women EP authorship has increased. We agree that our data do not explicitly support increased involvement of women EPs in EM publications. Even if someone examined the degrees of the authors, he or she could not make this conclusion unless he or she looked up the specialty of every female physician author (i.e., the author may be an internist). We merely drew parallels between the increases in women participation in EM publications and the increases in women participation in EM faculty and residents and the implication follows. Finally, the “double-dipping” of single authors had little effect on the data. The proportions of first authors, last authors, and overall authors were almost identical (18, 17, and 18%). If we eliminated single authors from our analysis of last authors in Academic Emergency Medicine articles, the proportion of women last authors would change from 25% to 26%.