EMERGENCY MEDICINE: PRETEST SELF-ASSESSMENT AND REVIEW , second edition . By Adam J. Rosh , MD, MS. New York, NY : McGraw Hill Medical , 2009 ; 570 pp; $26.95 (softcover ).

Emergency Medicine: PreTest Self-Assessment and Review is an excellent book for medical students reviewing for their emergency medicine clerkship and for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE): Step 2 Clinical Knowledge exam. This book is organized into 19 chapters of questions and answers, logically grouped by chief complaints, such as vaginal bleeding, shortness of breath, and trauma. This new edition contains two new chapters on the pediatric and orthopedic aspects of emergency medicine. Each question hits on relevant material every medical student needs to know, written in a format similar to that found on the USMLE. The highlight of this review book is the format used in answering the questions. Each answer not only reviews the correct response, but also explains why the wrong answers are wrong. The answers to the questions are also referenced to leading textbooks and journal articles, to encourage further study. I believe this is an asset to the process of learning.

The 500 questions and answers in this review book cover the whole gamut of topics in emergency medicine. The questions were reviewed by students who recently passed the boards and completed their clerkship, which guarantees that the style and complexity will be similar to the exam itself.

Emergency Medicine: PreTest Self-Assessment and Review would complement the library of any medical student and even a resident in the field. Emergency medicine residents experiencing difficulties with basics in the field on emergency medicine may also find this book particularly beneficial.