Introduction: Special Content Focus: Geriatric Emergency Medicine


This month’s special content focus is the emergency care of the older adult, with six research studies addressing a broad range of topics. Hogan et al. describe the development of geriatric competencies for emergency medicine residents. Three papers examine important clinical questions. Mosier and colleagues evaluate the effect of cardiocerebral resuscitation on survival and, among patients receiving cardiocerebral resuscitation, evaluate which factors impact survival. Del Portal et al. report the association between an increased ED lactate level and mortality, particularly among infected patients. Meurer et al. report the continuing provision of potentially inappropriate medications to older patients in the ED. The final two articles examine system-level issues. Platt-Mills and colleagues find that the Emergency Severity Index may poorly identify elder patients needing an immediate, life-saving intervention due to Index- or provider-level issues. LaMantia et al. derive and validate a triage-based model to identify the probability of hospital admission among older patients. Together, these studies add to our rapidly growing knowledge regarding the emergency care of the older adult.