Whether By Nature Or Nurture, His Air Was Not Awash With Angels


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A productive soccer forward is not uniquely born.

He becomes gestational by honing sets of skills.

Through practiced labor he shapes the landscape

By finishing artistically, thus dismantling foes.

No matter how implanted, he’s not immune to fracture

From descent on an awkwardly outstretched arm.

Upon my faithful entry into his cubicle, I noted

He broadcasted a surplus of unapologetic air.

“For you does the populace harbor abiding hatred?”

“Yes,” then added he’d achieved harmony in his offense.

Concurrently his parents registered a flurry of ill:

“Where’s the orthopedist ... why the punctual rape?”

The whole family adorned themselves to no one.

In the interest of peace we admitted our grievous faults.

Only now do we critically ask of the fruit of their womb.

Was this boy’s biography a supreme miscreation

(An aborted sequence of typically barred genetic matter), Or the communion of an uncultured home environment?