Introduction: Special Content Focus: International Emergency Medicine


Astute readers will notice that with the exception of one article, this entire issue of Academic Emergency Medicine consists of articles from outside the United States. There are articles from all over the world: Europe, Australia, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Canada, and Asia. This was not planned - it just happened - and the journal’s editors are pleased to use this Special Content Focus issue to highlight excellent work in emergency medicine (EM) academics being conducted around the world. The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine and the journal are both working to increase their international scope since, as this issue highlights, there is much going on in both research and education outside of the U.S. Readers with particular interest in global EM are urged to visit the Global Emergency Medicine Academy’s web site at, or contact its president, Dr. Ian Martin, at

The one U.S. article is remarkable in itself, as it is our first Evidence-based Diagnostics article. This new category will carry papers that seek to answer single-topic diagnostic clinical questions that are pertinent to most emergency physicians, using a diagnostic systematic review. Each paper will seek to promote the use of information drawn from previous high-quality, diagnostically focused clinical research to facilitate the routine clinical practice of EM. We will soon be launching an online calculator to accompany each article, which will allow clinicians at the bedside to alter the assumptions used in the article, to re-calculate test-treatment thresholds and apply findings to individual patients. Authors interested in writing articles for this series should contact the department editor, Dr. Christopher Carpenter, at