A Farmer’s Confession Regarding the Sharecropper’s Daughter


  • James E. Olson PhD,

  • Jonathan Singer MD

  • Supervising Editor: Brian Zink MD.

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He plowed with affectioned misery with my heifer

While planting the slumbering winter wheat,

Doing what was proper and righteous in my eye.

With his second going forth as a crop rotator

He subdued the summer’s furnace of afflictions

With minimal sprinkling from my attentive feet.

Year three, without my hand he smote bended reeds

With a renouncing scythe of full-blossomed skills.

As he neared the limit of what I could teach

I should have invited him to feast at my table.

Instead, when his own flesh and blood was furrowed

And he asked me to apply the wealth in my silo,

I wilted, asking plastics to provide her latticework.

As a windless preceptor, I was a storehouse of nothing.