Section News


For your convenience, this month's Section News PDF includes bookmarks for each section. After opening the PDF, select the “Bookmark” tab on the left side of your screen, and click on the name of the section you are interested in reading.

American Ethnological Society (AES): Caitrin Lynch, ed. “AES's Senior Book Prize” by Jane Collins

Anthropology and Environment (A&E): Terre Satterfield, ed. “Climate Change for Biodiversity Conservation” by Shannon Hagerman

Archeology Division (AD): James M Skibo, ed.

Association for Africanist Anthropology (AfAA): Jennifer E Coffman, ed. “2010 Elliott P Skinner Book Award Winners”

Association of Black Anthropologists (ABA): Bianca C Williams and karen g williams, eds. “Letter from the President” by Raymond Codrington

Association for Feminist Anthropology (AFA): Damla Isik and Jessica Smith Rolston, eds. “2010 Forman Prize Winners” by Jane Henrici; “Keeping the Mother in Maternal and Child Health” by MaryBeth Grewe, advised by Dianna Shandy; “We Are Already a New Generation” by Tony Orlando Pomales, advised by Erica Prussing, Ellen Lewin and Michael Chibnik; “CFP: Ethnographies of Gender and Conflict”

Association of Indigenous Anthroppologists (AIA): JoAllyn Archambault, ed.

Association for Latina and Latino Anthropologists (ALLA): Luis F B Plascencia and Anahí Viladrich, eds. “Ethnography Hits the Stage: Making of No Roosters in the Desert” by Anna Ochoa O'Leary.

Association for Queer Anthropology (AQA): David L R Houston, ed. “Opening the Debate: Suicide, Bullying and Difference”

Association of Senior Anthropologists (ASA): Paul L Doughty, ed. “ASA Meets Its 21st New Year”

Central States Anthropological Society (CSAS): Evelyn Dean-Olmsted and Angela Glaros, eds. “CSAS 2011, April 7–9, 2011, Iowa City”; “Accommodations”; “Distinguished Lecturer: Sue Savage-Rumbaugh”; “Member News”

Council on Anthropology and Education (CAE): Steve Bialostok, ed. “Challenges of Conducting Educational Research in Post-Katrina New Orleans” by Adrienne D Dixson; “Spindler Award” by Steve Bialostok

Council for Museum Anthropology (CMA): Margaret Bruchac, ed. “2010 Recipients of New Museum Anthropology Awards”; “2010 Michael M Ames Prize for Innovative Museum Anthropology”; “2010 CMA Student Travel Awards”

Culture and Agriculture (C&A): Ronald Rich, ed. “2010 Netting Award Winner”; “Convergence on Cattle: Political Economy, Social Group Perceptions and Socioeconomic Relationships in Acre, Brazil” by Jeffrey Hoelle

Middle East Section (MES): Yasmin Moll, ed. “Preview of An Islam of Her Own” by Sherine Hafez

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA): Eva Friedlander and Tara Eaton, eds. “The Anthropology Graduate's Guide: From Student to a Career” by Carol J Ellick and Joe E Watkins

National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA): Keri A Canada, ed. “Wearing Orange” by Christopher J Warren

Society for Anthropological Sciences (SAS): Stephen Lyon, ed. “First European Meeting of SASci in Pilsen”; “Charleston Meeting of SASci”; “Talking to Terrorists”; “Membership”

Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges (SACC): Lloyd Miller, ed. “SACCfest 2011”; “An Anthropology Mystery Thriller”; “Speaking Anthropology to Kids”

Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness (SAC): Peter N Jones, ed. “Sound and the Anthropology of Consciousness”

Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE): Vasiliki P Neofotistos, ed. “Reframing Laïcité” by Mayanthi Fernando

Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (SAFN): Kenneth Maes and Alyson Young, eds.

Society for the Anthropology of North America (SANA): David Kamper, ed. “Uncanny Residues: Rebuilding Space and Place in New Orleans” by Sean Mallin

Society for the Anthropology of Religion (SAR): Jennifer Selby, ed. “Perceived Incompetence as an Asset in the Field” by Émilie Roy

Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA): Jean M Langford, ed. “Cultural Horizons Prize”

Society for East Asian Anthropology (SEAA): Jennifer Hubbert and Gordon Mathews, eds. “SEAA Panels at New Orleans” by Tomomi Yamaguchi

Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (SLACA): Annelou Ypeij, ed. “Roseberry-Nash Graduate Student Award 2011: Call for Papers”; “Pinning Down the Chola: Bolivian Wresting and Social Change” by Nell Haynes

Society for Linguistic Anthropology (SLA): Mark Allen Peterson and James Stanlaw, eds “Developing Expertise” by Mark Allen Peterson

Society for Medical Anthropology (SMA): Kathleen Ragsdale, ed. “El Día de los Niños Celebración: Community Engaged Health Program for Latino Immigrant Families in North Carolina” by Andrew O Behnke

Society for Urban, National and Transnational/Global Anthropology (SUNTA): Jayne Howell, ed “SUNTA Board Comings and Goings”; “Reflective Comments and a Look to the Future” by Deborah Pellow

Society for Visual Anthropology (SVA): Wendy Dickinson, ed.