Essays on Memorials and Memorialization published in print AN


“Unidentified Human Remains and the 9/11 Museum: Struggles of Advocacy and Consultation” by Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh and David Hurst Thomas

“Re/placing the World Trade Center” by Joy Sather-Wagstaff

“What Are Heroes For? Commemoration and the Creation of Heroes after September 11” by Katherine C Donahue

“Latinization of Space and the Memorialization of the Borinqueneers” by Simone Delerme

ETHICAL CURRENTS:“Thou Shalt Memorialize: Memory and Amnesia in the Post-Secular” by Peter Jan Margry

Liam Frink is contributing editor of “Ethical Currents,” the AAA Committee on Ethics column in Anthropology News.

“Luxuries for the Dead: The Six Star Columbarium and New Memorialization in Singapore” by Ruth E Toulson

“Memorials, Human Remains and Controversy in Post-Genocide Rwanda” by Kristin Doughty

“Sacred Memory and the Secular World: The Poland Narratives” by Alisse Waterston

“The Asaba Memorial Project: Challenges of Community Memory and Collaboration” by S Elizabeth Bord and Fraser Ottanelli

“Memorializing the Bosnian Wars in the US” by Ana Croegaert

“Remembering the Sacred Defence: Iran-Iraq War Memorials” by Pedram Khosronejad

Keywords: memorials, memorialization, material culture, conflict and war, identity, museum anthropology