In Focus: Memorials and Memorialization (published exclusively online at


Essays on Memorials and Memorialization published on AN website at

“Earthquake in Picso, Peru” by Carol Hayman

“Commemoration in Cyberspace” by AB Diefenderfer

“Public Commemoration and Private Remembrance” by Sue Ann Taylor

“Roadside Memorials (Re)presented” by Charisma A Thomson

“Scarf of Hope as a Warm and Performative Memorial for the Disappeared in Peru” by Olga González

“Go with Flo: Politics and Queer Memorialization” by Erin L Durban-Albrecht

“Re-curating Testimony: Toward a New Pedagogy for Learning from the Past” by Monica Eileen Patterson and Erica Lehrer

“Production of Memory in Civil War-Era Deerfield, MA” by Alan C Swedlund

“Calamity and Harmony in China” by Jing Xu

“The Hero's Many Bodies: Monuments and Power in Havana” by João Felipe Gonçalves

“Change and Evolution: The Case of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial” by Paulette G Curtis

“Constructing the Gugulethu Seven Memorial and the Struggle for Political Heritage” by Rachel Harvey

Keywords: memorials, memorialization, material culture, conflict and war, identity, museum anthropology