October 2011 Association News


“Montréalology 101” by Martha Radice

TRACES, TIDEMARKS AND LEGACIES:“Montréal Wednesday: A Running Start” by Sarah Green

“2011 AAA Awards”

“The Present and Future of AAA Publishing” by Deborah Nichols and Oona Schmid

WORLD ANTHROPOLOGIES:“New Hegemonic Tendencies in the Construction of Knowledge: Research Quality Evaluation and Centralization” by Thomas Reuter

Setha Low and Gustavo Lins Ribeiro are contributing editors of “World Anthropologies,” the AAA Committee on World Anthropologies column in Anthropology News.

“Career Focus Sharpens for AAA Summer Interns” by Maria D Vesperi

Keywords: 2011 AAA annual meeting, AAA awards, world anthropology, anthropology career