What's Anthropology Have To Do With It?


ANTHROPOLOGY WORKS:“What's Anthropology Have To Do With It?” by Katherine Dowdy

Elizabeth Briody and Antonio Chavarria are contributing editors of “Anthropology Works,” the AAA Committee on Anthropology Works column in Anthropology News.

“Join the Versatile PhD: A New Resource for the Job Search” by Elizabeth Briody and Riall Nolan

GATEWAY TO NSF:“Fall News from NSF” by Deborah Winslow

Deborah Winslow is a contributing editor of “Gateway to NSF,” the NSF column in Anthropology News.

“Award Recipients”

“Grant Recipients”

“Job Placement”


Jason Jackson, Sandra López Varela, Chelsey Kivland, Gretchen Pfeil, Marisol de la Cadena