“Writing—and Reading—Money” by Don Brenneis

“Return to the Funding Proposal as Technique of Peership” by Amy Levine

“Funding for Interdisciplinary Research” by Mark Moritz

“In the Field with Fulbright: Project on Northeast Thai Memorial Books” by Kathryn R Stam

“Wenner-Gren President and NSF Cultural Anthropology Program Director Discuss Funding”

Anthropology News interview with Leslie C Aiello and Deborah Winslow

“Overview of the NSF Archaeology Program” by John Yellen

“70 Years of Wenner-Gren Support for Anthropological Research” by Leslie C Aiello

“Anthropology and the Workplace: An Innovative Partnership between a University and a Pharmaceutical Company” by Daniela M Peluso

“Funding of RACE: Are We So Different?” by Yolanda T Moses

Keywords: funding anthropology, interdisciplinary research, memorial book, NSF, Wenner-Gren, RACE project, applied anthropology