Essays on Funding Anthropology published in print AN


“Writing—and Reading—Money” by Don Brenneis

“Return to the Funding Proposal as Technique of Peership” by Amy Levine

“Funding for Interdisciplinary Research” by Mark Moritz

“In the Field with Fulbright: Project on Northeast Thai Memorial Books” by Kathryn R Stam

“Wenner-Gren President and NSF Cultural Anthropology Program Director Discuss Funding”

Anthropology News interview with Leslie C Aiello and Deborah Winslow

“Overview of the NSF Archaeology Program” by John Yellen

“70 Years of Wenner-Gren Support for Anthropological Research” by Leslie C Aiello

“Anthropology and the Workplace: An Innovative Partnership between a University and a Pharmaceutical Company” by Daniela M Peluso

“Funding of RACE: Are We So Different?” by Yolanda T Moses

Keywords: funding anthropology, interdisciplinary research, memorial book, NSF, Wenner-Gren, RACE project, applied anthropology