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“Things We Don't Often Think About” by Bill Davis


“Parliamentarians, Farmers and Other Legal Subjects: Law and Experimentation in Independent Ukraine” by Monica Eppinger

“Pharmaceutical Bioprospecting and the Law: The Case of Umckaloabo in a Former Apartheid Homeland of South Africa” by Christopher Morris

“Doing Anthropology on the Margins of the Law” by Ieva Jusionyte

“Building the Anthropology of Policing: Conducting Ethnographic Fieldwork with Police Officers in Washington DC” by Jennie Simpson

“How Law Matters to the Taiwanese Police” by Jeffrey T Martin

“Crushing Ecological and Political Futures: Puerto Rico's New Penal Code Criminalizes Dissent” by Melissa Rosario

HUMAN RIGHTS FORUM |“How HIV/AIDS Recalibrated the Right to Health” by Carol Wang

“Symbolic Properties of International Health Agreements” by Rachel Irwin

“Lost in a Legal Process: Alienating the Public from an International Convention” by Toru Yamada

ETHICAL CURRENTS |“Law and the Exchange of Museum Artifacts” by Brian I Daniels


legal anthropology, political anthropology, medical anthropology, fieldwork, ethnographic research, agriculture, human rights, museum artifact