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UNDER THE HUMAN RIGHTS UMBRELLA |“Immigration Detention: Hard Facts” by Linda Rabben

THE WORLD IS CURVED |“Election Night Thoughts” by Michael E Harkin

CHANGES IN ANTHROPOLOGY AND EDUCATION |“Thou Shalt Not Kill: Addressing Murder in New Orleans Through Direct Instruction” by Juliette de Wolfe

MIDDLE EAST MUDDLE |“Self-inflicted Wounds” by Daniel Martin Varisco

NOTES FROM THE FIELD |“Scandals Under the Sun: McAfee, Indigenous Knowledge, and Corruption in Belize” by douglas carl reeser

ARCHEOLOGY IN NORTH AMERICA |“Archaeology and Bigfoot” by Robert Muckle

ANTHROPOLOGY IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR |“Relevance” by Sarah Ono, Heather Schacht Reisinger and Samantha Solimeo

COUNTERPOINTS |“Knock: The Political Ecology of a Religious ‘Miracle’” by Eric B Ross

ANTHROPOLOGY AND ACTIVISM |“Get the Frack Out! Anti-Fracking Activism Moves from the Local to the National” by Robert R Sauders


“Welcome to the Anthropocene: On Rio+20 and the Environmental Imagination in Climate Change Diplomacy” by David Rojas

“Secularism in Nepal: Against the Normative Grain?” by Amanda Snellinger

“Viva Gluckman! or, Case Studies in the Classroom” by Melissa Demian with Charles Beach, Laura Burke, Rosie Davies, Camilla Evans and Elinor Turnbull

“Becoming an Il/legal Anthropologist” by Santiago Ivan Guerra


KUDOS | Ann Fienup-Riordan

KUDOS | Madelyn Iris

KUDOS | Mark Turin

KUDOS | John Luque

KUDOS | Michael Herzfeld

KUDOS | Mark Moritz

KUDOS | Ralph Bolton

KUDOS | Rachel Newcomb

KUDOS | Smadar Lavie


SOCIETY FOR URBAN NATIONAL AND TRANSNATIONAL/GLOBAL ANTHROPOLOGY| Susan Falls, ed. “Look on Our Works: Ethnography and Aesthetics at the Musée du Quai Branly” by Andrew J Goodhouse


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