B. Opinion (published exclusively online at http://www.anthropology-news.org)


NOTES FROM THE FIELD:“‘Yu no taim hyaa weh Ai di chrai tel yu’: On Not Understanding in Belize” by Douglas Carl Reeser

LANGUAGE AND CULTURE:“The Verbal Artistry of Julius Malema” by Steven P Black Leila Monaghan, Jacqueline Messing, Richard Senghas are contributing editors of the Language and Culture column in Anthropology News.

ANTHROPOLOGY IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR:“What's in a name? A conversation among anthropologists and geographers about working as Health Research Science Specialists: Part I” by Sarah Ono, Heather Schacht Reisinger, and Samantha Solimeo

MEDIA NOTES:“Thoughts on New Orleans, Six Years Later” by Roberto E Barrios Kenneth Routon is contributing editor of the Media Notes column in Anthropology News.

ARCHEOLOGY IN NORTH AMERICA:“Considering the Archaeology of Outer Space” by Robert J Muckle

INTERNATIONAL ACTIVISM:“Textavism: A New Mode of Social Activism?” by Robert R Sauders

IMMIGRATION MATTERS:“The United States as Safe Haven for Refugees? An Interview with Dr. David W. Haines” by Fethi Keles

PEDAGOGICAL APPROACHES IN BIOANTHROPOLOGY:“Chiming in On the Bell Curve, Again?” by Misty A Weitzel

CRITICAL CONSUMERISM:“Diving Into Action: Organizing and Responding to Food Waste” by Kelly ErnstFriedman

MULTIMEDIA MATTERS:“YouTube and the Quest for the Audience” by Nathalie Boucher and Martin Lamotte


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