Essays on Boundaries published in print AN


“Boundaries in Action: The Past and Present of Delimitation” by Monica L Smith

“Boundaries of the State and Politics of Everyday Life in Ireland” by Mark Maguire and Fiona Murphy

“Attrition via Enforcement: Snuffing Latino Immigrants Out of the Deep South” by Gwendolyn Ferreti-Manjarrez

TEACHING STRATEGIES:“Learning Across Boundaries: Mobilizing Resources for Immigrant Learners through Community Technology Programs” by Silvia Noguerón-Liu

“Boundary Movements for Toxics Advocacy” by Peter C Little

MULTIMEDIA ESSAY:“Border Agents of the Beyond in Haiti” by Alissa Jordan

“Making Ourselves: The Re-creation of the Self in Political Revolutions in Italy and Tunisia” by Francesca Meloni and Marouane Tlili

““I Can Send That Money to My Mother” Remittances, Telecommunication and Post-Migration Strategies of North Koreans” by Joowon Park


archaeology, political boundary, immigration, border, border agent, toxic, migration