D. In Focus: Boundaries (published exclusively online at http://www.anthropology-news.org)


“Mapping Disaster” by Britt Dahlberg

“Staying Connected: Transnational Motherhood between Mexico and the United States” by Gabrielle Oliveira

“Ethnographic Mise-en-scene: On Locating the Anthropologist's Creative Agency” by Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier, Photography by Marie-Josée Proulx

“Boundaries and Bushmen: The Central Kalahari Game Reserve Then and Now” by Maria Sapignoli

“No Lines, No Peace? On the Borders of Abyei” by Joshua Craze

“Once an Insider, Always an Outsider: (re)Negotiating Boundaries When Researchers Return ‘Home’ for Research” by Nayantara (Tara) Sheoran

MULTIMEDIA ESSAY (online version):“Border Agents of the Beyond in Haiti” by Alissa Jordan *Listen to the supplemental sound files:

“Feeding the Lwa, Seremoni A Komanse” (j.1556-3502.2012.53203_S1.x.mp3)

“Kafou O” (j.1556-3502.2012.53203_S2.x.mp3)

“Fulame” (j.1556-3502.2012.53203_S3.x.mp3)


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