E. Association Business and Dispatch from Montréal


FROM THE PRESIDENT:“Increasing Anthropology's Visibility: A New Public Education Project” by Leith Mullings

WORLD ANTHROPOLOGIES:“Revitalising the IUAES” by Junji Koizumi and Andrew “Mugsy” Spiegel

TRACES, TIDEMARKS AND LEGACIES:“Montréal Dazzles: 2011 AAA Annual Meeting Program Chair Report” by Sarah Green.
Sarah Green is a contributing editor of “Traces, Tidemarks and Legacies,” the 2011 Executive Program Chair's column in Anthropology News.

“Cultural Ambassadors Wave their Flag in Montréal” by Giuseppe De Cesare

“AAA Business Meeting” by Kim Baker

“AAA Executive Board Actions: November 16 and 19, 2011”

“Anthropologists Reflect on Arab Spring: Report about “Revolution in the Middle-East and North Africa: Anthropological Perspective” by Émilie Sarrazin

“New Student Perspective at the 2011 Meeting” by Alice Walker

“My Coffee with Michel: Visiting Occupiers between Panels in Montréal” by D Archie Frink

“Gillian Tett's “Anthropology, Policy, and the Global Financial Crisis” Interest Group for the Anthropology of Public Policy 2011 Distinguished Lecture” by Marianne Butler

“Global Climate Change: New AAA Task Force Takes on Quintessentially Anthropological Issue” by Shirley Fiske and Sarah Strauss.


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