Ethical Currents; Human Rights Forum; Research on Policy; Views on Policy; Highlight from AAA Blog


ETHICAL CURRENTS:“Imagine Ethics without IRBs” by Lise M Dobrin and Rena Lederman. Morag Kersel is contributing editor of “Ethical Currents,” the AAA Committee on Ethics column in Anthropology News.

HUMAN RIGHTS FORUM:“Human Experience, Museums and Human Rights” by Judith Freidenberg
Gretchen E Schafft is contributing editor of “Human Rights Forum,” the AAA Committee for Human Rights column in Anthropology News.

RESEARCH ON POLICY:“Exploring Policy Worlds” by Cris Shore and Susan Wright

Vasiliki Neofotistos and Anette Nyqvist are contributing editors of “Research on Policy,” the AAA Interest Group for the Anthropology of Public Policy column in Anthropology News.

VIEWS ON POLICY:“Policy-oriented Anthropology at the 2012 Annual Meeting and Beyond” by AAA Committee on Public Policy
Pam Putenney is contributing editor of “Views on Policy,” the AAA Committee for Public Policy column in Anthropology News.


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