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ARCHEOLOGY IN NORTH AMERICA:“Archaeology and Beer” by Robert Muckle

ANTHROPOLOGY IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR:“The Conversation Continues: Comments on the Tension between the Rigors of Time and Discipline” by Sarah Ono, Heather Schacht Reisinger, and Samantha Solimeo

NOTES FROM THE FIELD:Roadblocks: On Working through Research Slumps” by Douglas Carl Reeser

MEDIA NOTES:Tears of the Damned. On the Prison Fire in Comayagua, Honduras” by Jon Carter

Kenneth Routon is contributing editor of the Media Notes column in Anthropology News.

LANGUAGE AND CULTURE:Publishing in an Internet World” by Ilana Gershon and Paul Manning

Leila Monaghan, Jacqueline Messing, Richard Senghas are contributing editors of the Language and Culture column in Anthropology News.

J DRIVE:“‘Indigenous Autonomy’: History and Political Movements in Nepal” by Ritu Gairola Khanduri

CRITICAL CONSUMERISM:“Doing the Research: Buy Local Campaign Resonates with Progressive Consumers” by Kelly ErnstFriedman

PEDAGOGICAL APPROACHES IN BIOANTHROPOLOGY:“Athleticism and Race: The Madness isn't Confined to March” by Misty A Weitzel


HEALTH, WELL-BEING & HAPPINESS:“Personal Transitions and White Space in Self-Care” by Inga Treitler

HEALTH, WELL-BEING & HAPPINESS:“Towards a New Model of Health and Well-Being” by Lisa Meekison Reichenbach

HEALTH, WELL-BEING & HAPPINESS:“An Ethnography of Life Yoga Studio” by Valerie Ann McMillan


CHANGING THE ATMOSPHERE:“Of Cows, Corn, and Climate” by Sarah Strauss


Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition: “SAFN Call for Papers” by Kenny Maes and Alyson Young


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