Essays on Health, Well-Being & Happiness published in print AN


Happiness Anthropology Redux” by J Anthony Paredes

“Boundaries of the State and Politics of Everyday Life in Ireland” by Mark Maguire and Fiona Murphy

“Investigating Coastal Resource Use, Quality of Life, and Well-being in Southeastern Puerto Rico” by Carlos GarcÍa–Quijano, John J Poggie, Ana Pitchon and Miguel del Pozo

ETHICAL CURRENTS:“Ethical Currents in Happiness, Health and Well-being” by Barbara Rose Johnston

Morag Kersal is the contributing editor of Ethical Currents, the AN column of the AAA Committee on Ethics.

“Fast Track to Health, Well-being and Happiness: The Emerging Profession of Health Coaches” by Meg Jordan

“Entangled Bodies: Structural Violence, Well-being and Humor in Australian Indigenous Health” by Megan McCullough

“Tuberculosis: Global Health Pandemic” by Mimi Stelmack

“I Still Got Joy: Black Women's Strength and Resilience after Breast Cancer” by Michelle Chatman

“Elusive Maladies: Finding Hope with Integrative Medicine in North America” by Suzanne Morrissey and Mary Patzel


health, well-being, happiness, optimism, ethnography, coastal community, health coach, nutrition, power, poverty, crisis, recovery, medical anthropology