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ANTHROPOLOGY IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR:“How I Learned to be Satisfied with Only Part of the Story” by Gala True

Sarah Ono, Heather Schacht Reisinger and Samantha Solimeo are contributing editors of the Anthropology in the Public Sector column in Anthropology News.

MEDIA NOTES:“KONY 2012 and the Problem of Child Soldiers” by David M Rosen
Kenneth Routon is contributing editor of the Media Notes column in Anthropology News.

ARCHEOLOGY IN NORTH AMERICA:“Televised Looting, Titanic-Mania, Repatriation, and Crystal Skulls” by Robert Muckle

INTERNATIONAL ACTIVISM:“Does Justice Require a Village? Social Activism and the Case of Trayvon Martin” by Robert R Sauders

J DRIVE:“‘South Asian Bioarcheology: Human-Environment Interaction and Paleopathology in Indus Valley Civilization” by Ritu Gairola Khanduri

LANGUAGE AND CULTURE:“Narrative, Genre, and Truth” by Chad Nilep
Leila Monaghan, Jacqueline Messing, Richard Senghas are contributing editors of the Language and Culture column in Anthropology News.

PEDAGOGICAL APPROACHES IN BIOANTHROPOLOGY:“Let's Lead the March of Progress to a Screeching Halt” by Misty A Weitzel


“Peace Corps and Afghanistan” by M Jamil Hanifi


FAMILY AND KINSHIP:“Money, Love and the Shifting Substance of Kinship in Nicaraguan Transnational Families” by Kristin Elizabeth Yarris

FAMILY AND KINSHIP:“Child Centric Families and the Vulnerability of Small-Scale Island Communities” by Firouz Gaini

FAMILY AND KINSHIP:“All Our Omitted Kin” by Riché Daniel Barnes


CHANGING THE ATMOSPHERE:“Listening to Locals, Recognizing Risks, Reframing Discourse” by Sarah Strauss

AA VITAL TOPICS FORUM:“On Happiness” by Barbara Rose Johnston


SOCIETY FOR URBAN NATIONAL AND TRANSNATIONAL/GLOBAL ANTHROPOLOGY:“SUNTA Undergraduate Paper Prize Submissions Due September 15, 2012” by Susan Falls


“Anthropology News Wins 2012 EXCEL Award”

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology: “2012 NAPA Student Achievement Award”


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