Essays on Family and Kinship published in print AN


“Evolutionary Approaches to Kinship and Family” by Siobhán M Mattison, Mary K Shenk and Raymond Hames

“Negotiating Kinship in Transnational Surrogacy” by Daisy Deomampo

“You're Gonna Get What You Pay For: Gay Parents and Transnational Surrogacy” by Katharine Dow

“Educated Parenthood: Navigating a Parenting Style through a Maze of Pop Psychology, Media and Cultural Norms” by Emily Casillas

“Love is Cheap: Democratic Rise of Love Marriage among Hindu Maoists in Nepal's Himalayas” by Catherine Sanders and Kimber H McKay. Photos by Chris Lombardi

“Suckling as Kinship: The Case of Qatar” by Fadwa El Guindi
“Bonds Beyond Blood: DNA Testing and Refugee Family Reunification” by Jason Silverstein

“Rethinking the Place of Kinship in Meta-Narratives of Modernity” by Susan McKinnon and Fenella Cannell


Family, kinship, evolutionary anthropology, surrogacy, parenting, marriage, Nepal, Qatar, suckling, breastfeeding, biological anthropology, DNA, genetics, genomics, narrative, religion