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In Focus: Methods

“Mixed Methods Should Be a Valued Practice in Anthropology” by Thomas S Weisner

“Sonic Ethnography as Method and in Practice: Urban Students, Sounds and Making Sense of Science” by Walter S Gershon

“Chinese and Taiwanese Immigrant Family Educational Experiences: Toward a thorough Cultural Analysis of the College Preparation Process” by Yi-Jung Wu

“Moral Engagement and Social Responsibility in the Public Realm” by Melissa Rinehart

“Coming to Terms with Networked Anthropology” by Samuel Gerald Collins and Matthew Slover Durington

“Tracking Change in Rural Kenya through the Study of Domestic Groups” by Miroslava Prazak

“Methods and Concepts at Work: Generation and Caregiving in “Late-Forming Families”” by Nancy Anne Konvalinka and Elena Hernández Corrochano

“The Qualitative, the Quantitative and the Creative” by Allison Mickel


Method, qualitative method, quantitative method, sonic ethnography, natural disaster, networked anthropology, education, family