Ethical Currents; Human Rights Forum; Views on Policy


ETHICAL CURRENTS:“There is No Looting in this Country: Gatekeepers and the Quest for Qualitative Data” by Morag M Kersel

Morag M Kersel is contributing editor ofEthical Currents,”the AAA Committee for Ethics column in Anthropology News.

HUMAN RIGHTS FORUM:“The Iron Fist Can Only Hurt: Gender Violence and Neomilitarismo in Guatemala” by Brie Marina Gettleson

Miriam Ticktin is contributing editor of “Human Rights Forum,” the AAA Committee for Human Rights column in Anthropology News.

VIEWS ON POLICY:“Policy Anthropology and Participant Decision Making” by Lourdes Arizpe

Pam Puntenney is contributing editor of Views on Policy, the AAA Interest Group for the Anthropology of Public Policy column in Anthropology News.


Antiquities, qualitative data, violence, human right, method