In Focus: Olympics


“Making Fairness in Turkish Football” by Yağmur Nuhrat

“The Spectacle of Security in Olympic Rio de Janeiro” by Erika Robb Larkins

“Ultras Uprising or Boys Just Wanna Have Fun? Fanning Political Dissent in Egypt” by Faedah M Totah

“Some of Their Parts: “Gender Verification” and Elite Sports” by Rebecca Jordan-Young and Katrina Karkazis

“Paradoxes of Power in Professionalized Youth Sport” by Jennifer Fiers

“The Olympics and Its Discontents” by Jules Boykoff and Thomas F Carter

“On Becoming a Colombian Paralympian” by Emily Cohen

“Translating Race and Culture: Critical Perspectives on the Suarez-Evra English Football Race Row” by Daniel Renfrew

“Celebration and Security: The Olympics as a National-Affective Movement” by Kevin Carrico

“Olympic Trials and Cultural Configurations: Notes from a Midwest Boxing Gym” by Gabriel A Torres

“Boundaries of a Veiled Female Body: Islamic Reflections on Women's Sporting Bodies in Relation to Sexuality, Modesty and Privacy” by Sertaç Sehlikoglu-Karakas

“Colonial Woes and Conflicts of Latin American and Spanish Soccer Fans during the 2010 World Cup on YouTube” by Anastasiya Travina

“Golden Legacies, Uncertain Futures: Athletics, Ambivalence, and Transformation in Post-Soviet Cuba” by Benjamin Eastman


Olympics, anthropology of sport, privacy, gender, security, culture