In Focus


In Focus: Breaking Boundaries

“Building Bridges: Anthropology and Theater Very Likely Bedfellows” by Aminata Cairo

“Feminine Pregnancy as Cultural Fetish” by Michelle Walks

“African American–Haitian Blan: Negotiating Identity through Fieldwork Experiences in Northern Haiti” by Crystal Andrea Felima

“Transcending Linguistic Boundaries at Work: Latino and Korean Immigrants in Koreatown, NYC” by Karen Velasquez

“On the Edge of Protest in Tehran: Discontinuing, Shifting Boundaries” by Amina Tawasil

“Tasty Transgressions: Food and Social Boundaries in the Foothills of Northeast India” by Dolly Kikon

“Of Area Studies and Intellectual Boundaries” by Laura Nader

“Boundaries in the Lives of Undocumented Immigrants” by William D Lopez, Louis F Graham, Mark Padilla and Angela Reyes

In Focus: Beyond Capitalism

“Who's on the Map” by Janelle Cornwell

“Teaching for Hope?” by Vincent Lyon-Callo

“The Gift, Anarchism and Solidarity: Anthropological Reflections on Anarchism's Political Economy” by Patrick Huff

My Trouble with the Anti-Essentialist Struggle” by Elizabeth L Krause

“Imagining and Actualizing an Anthropology of Non-Capitalist Possibilities” by Paige West and James J Igoe

“Beyond Critique: Anthropology of and for Non-Capitalism” by Boone Shear and Brian Burke


legal anthropology, identity, food, boundary, migration, capitalism, political anthropology