ANTHROPOLOGY IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR | “Fieldwork: A Life Lesson in Ambiguity” by Linda Nichols

Sarah Ono, Heather Schacht Reisinger, and Samantha L Solimeo are contributing editors of Anthropology in the Public Sector.

ANTHROPOLOGY AND ACTIVISM | “The Evolution of Anonymous” by Robert R Sauders

COUNTERPOINTS | “A View of the National Health Service: Beyond Medicine for Profit” by Eric B Ross

MIDDLE EAST MUDDLE | “Roads to and from Damascus” by Daniel Martin Varisco

CHANGES IN ANTHROPOLOGY AND EDUCATION | “Between Being Wrong and Right – Figuring it Out” by Juliette de Wolfe

ARCHEOLOGY IN NORTH AMERICA | “Bending the Taboo on Discussing Poop, of the Human Kind” by Robert Muckle


feldwork, activism, cyber attack, medical anthropology, violence, anthropology education, archaeology