In Focus


In Focus: Tools and Technology

“Unleashing the Power of the Digital Pen” by Jerome Crowder

“Digital Cinema for Anthropological Research: The Advanced Laboratory for Visual Anthropology at California State University, Chico” by Brian Brazeal

“Recording Technologies in Revolutionary Times” by Yassmin Ahmed

“The Tools and Technologies of Transdisciplinary Climate Change Research and Community Empowerment in Barbuda” by Sophia Perdikaris, Katherine Hejtmanek, Rebecca Boger, Jennifer Adams, Amy E Potter and John Mussington

“Organizing Your Digital World: Maximizing Workflow and Metadata” by Jonathan S Marion and Jerome Crowder

“VARch: Virtual Architectural Reconstruction” by Leah McCurdy

“Sustainable Archaeological Tourism of the Underwater Maya Project by 3D Technology” by Heather McKillop and E Cory Sills

“Teaching Technologies for Research, Collaboration and Dissemination” by Elizabeth Elliott Cooper, Christopher Dana Lynn and Matthew Wolfgram

“Dancing with Tools: How Technologies Have Shaped Society and Vice Versa” By Brigitte Jordan


Recording technology, reconstruction, anthropology fieldwork, climate change, tools, digital tool