ANTHROPOLOGY IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR | “Bridging Anthropology and Health Services Research” by Alison Hamilton

Sarah Ono, Heather Schacht Reisinger, and Samantha L Solimeo are contributing editors of Anthropology in the Public Sector.

NOTES FROM THE FIELD | “Why am I in Belize? Relationships, Identity, and Home in the Field” by douglas carl reeser

MIDDLE EAST MUDDLE | “Life without Honor” by Daniel Martin Varisco

ANTHROPOLOGY AND ACTIVISM | “It Happens Every Rosh Chodesh” by Robert R Sauders

THE WORLD IS CURVED | “Tenured Radicals” by Michael E Harkin

IMMIGRATION MATTERS | “Immigrant, Muslim, American Part I” by Fethi Keles

ARCHEOLOGY IN NORTH AMERICA | “Archaeology in 140 Characters or Less” by Robert Muckle


applied anthropology, fieldwork, ethnography, archaeology, migration