• forensic science;
  • DNA quantification;
  • real-time PCR;
  • DNA analysis;
  • ribonuclease P RNA component H1;
  • sex determining region Y;
  • human DNA;
  • human male DNA;
  • DNA typing

Abstract:  The Quantifiler® Duo DNA Quantification kit enables simultaneous quantification of human DNA and human male DNA as well as detection of inhibitors of PCR in a single real-time PCR well. Pooled human male genomic DNA is used to generate standard curves for both human (ribonuclease P RNA component H1) and human male (sex determining region Y) specific targets. A shift in the cycle threshold (CT) values for the internal positive control monitors the presence of PCR inhibitors in a sample. The assay is human specific and exhibits a high dynamic range from 0.023 to 50 ng/μL. In addition, the multiplex assay can detect as little as 25 pg/μL of human male DNA in the presence of a 1000-fold excess of human female DNA. The multiplex assay provides assessment of the DNA extract and guidance for the selection of the appropriate AmpFℓSTR® Amplification Kit to obtain interpretable short tandem repeat profiles.