• forensic science;
  • forensic anthropology;
  • histomorphometry;
  • age estimation;
  • femur;
  • Korean

Abstract:  The purpose of this study was to develop age-predicting equations from the anterior cortex of the femur of Korean adults. Seventy-two femoral samples (44 male and 28 female) were obtained from Korean cadavers and used to develop the equations. The thin sections (<100-μm thick) were prepared by manual grinding; the sections were not decalcified and were stained with Villanueva bone stain reagent. Analysis of covariance showed no significant differences in age-adjusted histomorphological variables between sexes. In stepwise regression analysis, osteon population density, average osteon area, and the most anterior cortical width were selected for an age-predicting equation which produced a high regression correlation (R2 = 0.789). The average Haversian canal area was not significantly related to age for any specimen.