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Developmental Validation of the PrepFiler™ Forensic DNA Extraction Kit for Extraction of Genomic DNA from Biological Samples*


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    Part of the work was presented at the 60th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, February 18–23, 2008, in Washington, DC. Some of the data is also presented in the PrepFiler™ Forensic DNA Extraction Kit User Guide.

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Abstract:  The PrepFiler™ Forensic DNA Extraction Kit enables isolation of genomic DNA from a variety of biological samples. The kit facilitates reversible binding of DNA with magnetic particles resulting in high DNA recovery from samples with very low and high quantities of biological materials: 0.1 and 40 μL of human blood (donor 2) provided 14 and 2883 ng of DNA, respectively. Following the revised SWGDAM guidelines, performance of the developed method was investigated using different sample types including saliva on swabs, semen stains on cotton fabric, samples exposed to environment, samples with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) inhibitors, blood stains (on denim, cotton cloth, and FTA® paper), and touch evidence-type samples. DNA yields for all samples tested were equal or better than those obtained by both phenol–chloroform extraction and commercial kits tested. DNA obtained from these samples was free of detectable PCR inhibitors. Short tandem repeat profiles were complete, conclusive, and devoid of PCR artifacts.