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Stature and Body Weight Estimation from Various Footprint Measurements Among Egyptian Population


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Irene Atef Fawzy, M.D.
Faculty of Medicine
Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Department
El-Minia University


Abstract:  Analysis of footprints can reveal very important clues which can be used as a forensic evidence and help in the estimation of stature and body weight of an individual. In this work, bilateral footprints were obtained from 50 male Egyptian medical students ranging in age between 18 and 25. Nine measurements were taken on each footprint. The result revealed significant bilateral asymmetry (< 0.001) except foot breadth at ball. The significant and positive highest correlation coefficients with stature were shown by toe-5 length on right side (= 0.58) and with body weight by foot breadth at ball on left side (= −0.52). Regression equations presented smaller standard errors of estimate (3.52–4.69) in determination of stature than those in estimation of body weight (4.05–5.28). In conclusion, this study has provided equations that help to estimate stature and body weight from footprint measurements among Egyptians.